Primeiro AWS Test Drive na America Latina

First AWS Test Drive
in Latin America

Opus Software é um parceiro AWS

Test drive Microsoft Analysis Services for AWS


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Microsoft Analysis Services offers resources to create and manipulate analytical databases to support business decisions. It imports data from external sources and creates a multidimensional database based on these information, known as " OLAP cube" (On Line Analytical Processing), and is accessed by specific applications or other Business Intelligence tools.

Laboratorio AWS

Test Drive in the AWS cloud

The fact that Microsoft Analysis Services works well in the cloud opens up a range of new possibilities to analytical solutions implementation.. OPUS Software developed this lab to demonstrate full functioning of Analysis Services on AWS cloud. To access the analytical database, you will use Opus Analytics, an application developed to simplify querying multidimensional databases via web.

Test drive Microsoft Analysis Services on AWS cloud

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Migration to the Cloud

Through comprehensive services that range from the analysis of data and the status of its business until the migration and support, OPUS implements the use of Cloud Computing in your company. Visit our website and see how OPUS can help you migrate to the cloud.

AWS Expense calculator

The cost calculator NubeXpress arrived to simplify the way you calculate the expenses that will have hiring AWS servers in the Amazon Cloud Service. Check it out now, make your budget and get the details on your email.