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Mobile Development
Opus Software Mobile Apps

We develop more than apps

Our projects are complete solutions that facilitate the growth of your business.

We develop more than apps: Our projects are complete solutions that facilitate the growth of your business.

Desenvolvimento Mobile - Android


Android is a versatile, highly customizable platform, allowing our native applications to bring together efficiency, interactivity, creativity and a wide range of powerful resources. Since this platform is used by a multitude of devices, Android has a massive user base, increasing the reach of your business.

Desenvolvimento Mobile - iOS Apple


iPhone and iPad users are a large and growing community of customers with high standards for design, performance and user experience. With our large experience and solid knowledge in iOS development, we are in a great position to introduce your product to this demanding and affluent user base.

Desenvolvimento Mobile - Cross Platform - Xamarin


Cross-platform development is a reasonable, cost-effective alternative if you want your product to hit the market quickly: with this option, your application becomes immediately available to both iOS and Android users.


Desenvolvimento Mobile - Tecnologias para aplicativos móveis


Desenvolvimento Mobile - Tecnologia para aplicativos móveis

Opus method for mobile development


Map of Opportunities
At the early stages of the process, we outline the best opportunities, and define goals and expectations for the project. This step is essential to define your business results and project the real benefits to your clients.


Choosing the Best Journey
At this stage, we define exactly how the mobile application should be built. To get a better picture, we employ design thinking and UX/UI mapping techniques to outline the intended user experience for the final product.


The Journey Begins
Here begins the actual app-building process. By combining ingenuity and experience, we pick the best tools to help us create fast, high-performance, user-friendly apps.


Set Your Sights on the Future
Launching the app is only the beginning of an essential part of its lifespan: usage monitoring and maintenance. Here we will identify and correct any problems that may come up, ensuring the proper consolidation and evolution of your business solution.

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